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With the Rwanda’s largest selection of rental properties across , you’re more likely to find your next happy home on Keziz Homes than anywhere else.


Keziz Homes has over 100 properties for sale , giving you the Rwanda’s largest selection of new build and resale homes.


Over 1000 properties are advertised on behalf of commercial agents, chartered surveyors, owners, landlords and property professionals throughout Rwanda


If you have vacant commercial units you need to let, Keziz Homes can help you. 

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Agency Leasing

Our leasing agents are known for being the most creative and knowledgeable in the industry, having represented investors and their landmark properties in more than 1,000 markets in Rwanda. We’ll help you meet your financial goals by taking a proactive approach to positioning your property, securing tenants and maximizing rental rates. 

Property and Asset Management

Every property or asset owner wants to earn more by optimizing financial returns and lease terms. When we manage property on your behalf, we’ll deliver by acting as your partner and bringing an ownership mindset to every aspect of operations. We’ll always act in your best interests to ensure that your property is being managed efficiently, safely and sustainably. 

Real Estate Intelligence Service

Your project is critically important to your organization and you need it done efficiently, effectively, on time and on budget. The project is complex and the stakes are high, with specific goals and outcomes you must achieve. You need a resource who knows how to manage complexity, whom you trust and who’s easy to work with.

Lease Administration

A proactive lease administration program should be the cornerstone of strategic real estate planning and portfolio management—particularly when the portfolio is large and geographically diverse. 

Transaction Management

Keziz homes’s transaction advisors take a strategic, data-driven approach to corporate real estate asset management and optimization. We aggressively drive down occupancy costs by analyzing your lease data, applying real-time market insight and implementing flexible strategies quickly.

Strategic Consulting

Keziz Homes Consultants partner with commercial real estate executives like you to deliver technology-based, data-driven strategies and programs that advance your organization’s goals—and elevate your role as a leader in the enterprise.